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Hospital Quality

About Us

Hospital Quality

Mercy Health is committed to ongoing quality improvement to bring exceptional care to our patients compassionately. We believe in transparency to the community and participate in the monitoring and reporting of our performance as a member of The Greater Cincinnati Health Council (GCHC). Through their website the community can review how we perform against national standards for quality care, as well as other Tri-State hospitals. We use this information to ensure the care we deliver is of the highest quality and make adjustments and improvements, as needed.

Mercy Health, in conjunction with its parent company, has served the needs of our communities for more than 150 years. It devotes significant time and attention to researching and planning ways to address each community's most-pressing needs. One element of this process is a periodic, comprehensive Community Health Needs Assessment (CHNA) for each Mercy Health facility. The most-recent assessments are being conducted by teams exploring quantitative and qualitative data that help guide community benefit and strategic planning.

Through our CHNAs, Mercy Health is identifying the greatest health needs among each of our hospital's communities, enabling us to ensure our resources are appropriately directed toward outreach, prevention, education and wellness opportunities where the greatest impact can be realized. Please find below links to Mercy Health's five hospital sites' CHNA reports.

Mercy Health - Anderson Hospital
Mercy Health - Clermont Hospital
Mercy Health - Fairfield Hospital
The Jewish Hospital - Mercy Health
Mercy Health - West Hospital


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