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Breast Cancer Awareness & Prevention

Breast Cancer Awareness & Prevention

“Breast cancer is frightening, but it is not an illness you will go through alone. Mercy Health’s exceptional team of caregivers, including imaging specialists, nurses, physicians and nutrition, rehabilitation and exercise experts, will be at your side, helping you every step of the way as you work toward recovery. Providing quality care with compassion is not just something we say – it’s what we do every day to help you be well. Right here.”

–Yousuf J. Ahmad, President and CEO, Mercy Health.

Call 513-512-4040 to Schedule Your Appointment

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Starting with screening, Mercy Health reminds women that just 15 minutes can save their lives. That’s all the time it takes for women to have their annual mammogram screening from Mercy Health’s Mobile Mammography program. Mercy Health’s three mobile mammography units stop at convenient locations throughout Greater Cincinnati several times each week and boast the latest imaging technology, including tomosynthesis or 3D imaging. Call 513-686-3300 or 1-855-PINK123 (1-855-746-5123) to register for a mammogram at a location close to you.

Women can also schedule their screening mammograms at Mercy Health locations including the Breast Imaging Centers of Excellence at Mercy Health – Anderson Hospital and The Jewish Hospital – Mercy Health as well as the following facilities:

  • Mercy Health – Clermont Hospital
  • Mercy Health – Fairfield Hospital
  • Mercy Health – Liberty Falls Imaging and Lab Services
  • Mercy Health – Milford Imaging
  • Mercy Health – West Hospital

Some of these locations offer other services, including diagnostic digital mammography, breast biopsies and breast biopsies with needle localization, breast ultrasound and breast MRI. The Jewish Hospital Breast Imaging Center of Excellence offers tomosynthesis and Mercy Health will also have tomosynthesis imaging available at Mercy Health – Anderson Hospital, Fairfield Hospital and the new West Hospital in the near future. Call 513-95-MERCY (956-3729) to make an appointment at all locations except The Jewish Hospital. For The Jewish Hospital, call 513-686-3300.

For women concerned that they may have a predisposition to breast cancer, Mercy Health – Anderson Hospital and The Jewish Hospital – Mercy Health offer genetic testing and comprehensive genetic counseling weekly by a certified genetic counselor through Cincinnati Children’s Hospital.

Mercy Health Physician and Breast Surgeon Hilary Shapiro-Wright, DO offers a high-risk screening clinic. Dr. Shapiro-Wright reserves appointments for newly-diagnosed patients so they can see a physician quickly. For more information, call 513-95-MERCY (956-3729) for Anderson Hospital, 513-686-3300 for The Jewish Hospital or 513-981-2222 for Dr. Shapiro-Wright.

Breast cancer is the most common type of cancer diagnosed in women. Although the
incidence of breast cancer has risen over the last decade, the mortality or death rate is
declining. This means that we are diagnosing breast cancer at an early and more curable
stage. Mercy Health has two Breast Cancer specialists ready to provide the best care possible.

Please take a look at this notebook - it provides you with the answers to your questions about
how we can best treat your breast cancer. All with the goal to help you be well.

All Mercy Health Physician gynecologists and OB/GYNs offer in-office genetic testing to determine a woman’s likelihood of developing hereditary or non-hereditary breast cancer (check with your insurance company to determine coverage for in-office genetic testing). They also counsel patients in the office about their risk of an inheritable type of cancer, whether it would be breast, ovarian, or colon cancer. Should a screening, test or other method detect an abnormality in the breast, Mercy Health Physicians is home to a number of leading gynecologists, breast surgeons and surgical oncologists who work together with the patient to determine the right course of action for her, be it an exercise and nutrition-based plan or one involving surgery and chemotherapy.

Call 513-981-2222 or visit to find the right Mercy Health physician for you and schedule an appointment today.

Mercy Health partners with OHC (Oncology Hematology Care, Inc.), giving our patients greater access to cancer specialists. The doctors collaborate with each other to offer the best comprehensive care for the patients, using regular cancer conferences to ensure the patient gets all the help she needs without unnecessary duplication. Call 1-800-710-4674 or visit to reach OHC.

Providing patient support are nurse navigators, who serve as a continuous point of contact for patients and their families throughout their entire cancer care experience. Nurse navigators help ensure patients are able to keep their appointments, follow their treatment regimen and receive the support services they need to recover and be well.

Mercy Health partners with Cancer Support Community Greater Cincinnati - Northern Kentucky (CSC, formerly The Wellness Community), to offer free cancer support groups for people living with all types of cancer and their families at Mercy Health locations. We also partner with the American Cancer Society on a number of items and activities, including the Wig Salon at The Jewish Hospital – Mercy Health, which offers women one free wig annually, and with Cancer Family Care, which provides counseling and support services to cancer patients and their families to help them cope with the impact of cancer. Komen is Mercy Health’s mammogram partner.

With a physician referral, patients can visit Mercy Health’s rehabilitation services facilities, where experts provide targeted programs to treat lymphedema and shoulder issues, including a loss of range of motion and pain, resulting from surgery and/or chemotherapy. Treatment options include manual lymph treatment, medical compression bandages and specially designed exercise programs to enhance lymph drainage and restore range of motion in the shoulder. Mercy Health’s outpatient rehabilitation and therapy centers are located throughout Greater Cincinnati. For a list of locations, please visit

Also available to help with lymphedema and shoulder issues are the Mercy Health HealthPlexes, which offer special pool-based exercise classes designed especially for women recovering from breast cancer. These small group classes use gentle aquatic exercises, self-lymphatic drainage massage and deep breathing techniques to restore functional range of motion in arms and shoulders, maintain and enhance muscular strength and endurance, reduce the effects of lymphedema caused by radiation treatment and manage stress to create a better sense of well-being.


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