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Frequently Asked Questions


Frequently Asked Questions

Need additional assistance? Please contact us at

What is the recommended Internet connection and web browser for the Mercy Health application? 

It is recommended that you use Internet Explorer version 7.0 or greater when using our web application. Our job application site is not currently compatible with Firefox and Safari browsers. If you prefer, we have terminals available in the Human Resources departments at our facilities which can be used to complete an application.

I am having difficulty finding a specific job posting.

To search for a job opening, please select a location, a department or enter a keyword.

If you want to perform a broad search, type the first few letters of a word followed by an asterisk. For example, car* in the keyword search field would return terms such as cardiac, echo cardiographer, etc.

You can also select a location and see all openings for that site. Once you find the position for which you are looking, you can click on that position to begin the application process.

If you are looking for a nursing job, please type RN or LPN in the keyword search field. If you don't find what you're looking for on your first search, try alternatives such as nurse, nursing, registered nurse or licensed practical nurse.

I do not have an email address. What do I do?

Our goal is to communicate to our candidates frequently and effectively. In order to receive important communication from us, you must have an active email address. Please keep in mind that we receive a very large volume of applications and unfortunately cannot communicate with everyone.

These three websites offer free email service:

For how many positions can I apply?

Each candidate has the ability to apply for up to 20 positions.

Am I able to apply to the same job posting twice?

Once you have applied to a job posting, you will not be able to apply to that same posting again. However, we encourage you to visit our site often to search and apply for similar job opportunities.

If I exit the application prior to submitting, will I be able to return?

It is recommended that you complete the application process in its entirety without exiting. If you do need to exit the application, you will have the ability to go back in and begin again where you stopped. However, you will not have the ability to change any of the information previously entered into the application. Please ensure the accuracy of your zip code, social security number and spelling of your last name prior to exiting. You will need this information to re-access your application.

How can I change the information on my application?

Unfortunately, it is not possible to make a change to an active job application (with the exception of one’s name and basic contact information). Applications are archived after 60 days, if no new applications have been submitted during this time. Once an application is archived, you will have the ability to submit a new application updating your education, licensure, work history, etc.

I would like to submit my resume without applying to a specific position. How can I do that?

You must apply for a specific position using the online application process to be considered an applicant.

Can I submit a resume via paper?

You may submit your resume, via paper; however, you will also be required to complete our online application process to be considered an applicant.

How will I know that I have successfully submitted my application?

The application is complete once you have agreed to the terms and conditions of the application and clicked on the final “Submit” button. You will receive confirmation on the screen that the application has been successfully submitted. You will NOT receive a confirmation email.

What should I expect to happen after I submit my application?

Once you submit your application, a human resource representative will review the application to assess your qualifications for the position. Based on your education and employment background, you may be contacted for further screening and/or an interview. We facilitate an efficient and timely recruitment and hiring process; however, we do not follow a specific timeline. Due to the volume of inquiries, we are not able to respond directly to each applicant. Your application will be reviewed and, if Mercy Health is interested in your qualifications, a recruiter or HR representative will contact you for an interview.

Will I be considered as a candidate if I do not complete the online survey?

The online survey is a part of Mercy Health’s online application process. If you do not complete the online survey now, you will be prompted to do so at a later date by one of our recruiters. However, if you do not complete the online survey now, but have submitted an online application, you are considered an active applicant with Mercy Health.

How can I contact Human Resources regarding a position?

Due to the volume of inquiries, we are not able to respond directly to each applicant. Your application will be reviewed and, if Mercy Health is interested in your background, a recruiter or HR representative will contact you for an interview.

If you would like to meet with one of our representatives, consider attending an upcoming career event. For a list of upcoming events, visit our Mercy Health Facebook Page.

Why did a recruiter call me for a position for which I did not apply?

Your application is kept in our database for future reference so we can continue to consider you for additional positions. All of Mercy Health’s facilities share access to this information, so you may be contacted for a position for which you did not apply.

How long does my online application remain active?

Mercy Health retains online applications for 60 days. Candidates are encouraged to re-apply with us after 60 days of their original application. An active application does not consider a candidate for all open positions at Mercy Health.

First-Time Users

The Mercy Health application process consists of the following steps:

1. Search for a job opening by selecting a location, department or keyword.
2. Once a position for which you would like to apply is selected, click the “Begin the Application Process” button.
3. Copy and paste a current resume into the online application (if you have one).
4. Complete the application in its entirety by providing employment work history, education, licensures, certifications and references.
5. Submit your information to apply.
6. When prompted, complete the Mercy Health online survey.

Advice for First-Time Users:

The average application and survey process may take up to one hour. The FAQ link provides questions and answers to many common inquiries we receive regarding Mercy Health and our application process.  
We suggest that you prepare the following required information ahead of time to make your application process go more efficiently:
  • biographical information, including your email address
  • current resume
  • education, licensure, certification information
  • professional reference information; including their contact phone numbers and email addresses
  • work history (dates/locations/supervisor names/phone numbers)


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