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For Nurses

At Mercy Health, nursing is a dynamic profession that requires both compassion and precision. We are ready to respond to an ever-changing workplace by building a community of ambassadors that is respected, recognized and rewarded. We seek balance in our work and in our personal lives. As a faith-based health care organization, we also encourage spirituality in the workplace.

Mercy Health nurses have numerous career options available to them and are encouraged to grow into the professional direction they are most interested in.


We offer the following programs to enhance the Mercy Health nursing experience.

LIFT Program

Mercy Health has partnered with ARJO/Diligent to implement the LIFT (Living Injury Free Together) Program that was developed to reduce injuries experienced by employees who regularly lift and move patients. The program also increases the safety of residents and patients by reducing the chance for falls or slips during a move. Two differentiating components of the LIFT Program are the equipment and the extensive training for staff.


iFlex is an employment program designed for nurses who prefer a flexible schedule and offers a higher pay rate for more hours prescheduled. It provides RNs and LPNs the ability to maximize hourly income, while enabling Mercy Health to effectively manage labor costs. iFlex offers RNs and LPNs hourly rates comparable to agency pay, while providing access to many Mercy Health benefits. As an iFlex Nurse, you are a part of the Mercy Health team.


eShift is a web-based shift scheduling system that allows designated staff to view their schedules and sign-up for open shifts at any of our locations. eShift offers 24-hour access via the Internet and provides the staff with the flexibility to work around other priorities in their lives.

Career Advancement Program (CAP)

The purpose of the Career Advancement Program (CAP) is to recognize and reward role distinctions among registered nurses based on clinical expertise, participation in decision-making, education or advanced credentialing.

The objectives of the program are:
  • to create a dynamic learning environment that promotes individual accountability and responsibility
  • to define differing levels of nursing practice with performance standards that serve as guidelines for
  • the evaluation of nursing practice
  • to recognize and reward clinical expertise in patient/client care activities
  • to encourage professional self-development and clinical advancement
  • to promote improved retention and recruitment

The CAP program is available at all Mercy Health hospitals.

Job Shadowing

Mercy Health partners with the Greater Cincinnati Health Council (GCHC) in offering job shadowing experiences at our facilities. The GCHC holds a Job Shadowing Orientation Program regularly. Once the orientation is completed, individuals have the opportunity to job shadow. To learn more about the program, please visit the GCHC website at or call 513-531-0200.

The RISEN Program for Caregivers and Employees

Through the RISEN Program you can learn more about the spirituality of patient care, relationships with colleagues and your own spirituality. We hope you will:
  • develop an understanding of yourself
  • gain greater satisfaction in your work
  • grow from the relationships you develop with other healthcare providers
  • heal from personal distress
  • reduce your stress


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