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Swim Lessons at Western Hills HealthPlex

Rachel Margeson, Fitness Supervisor

Annie Macke, Swim Lesson Lead

Our pools and programs have made a big splash, with recognition as one of the best in the world by the Aquatic Exercise Association. The AEA, which sets the standard in excellence for aquatic exercise worldwide, has recognized the HealthPlex as a Gold Level Aquatic Fitness facility.

We offer a wide variety of programs to help increase your fitness level as well as programs that teach you new, lifelong skills such as our Learn-To-Swim Program.

Swim Lessons are also available at Anderson and Fairfield HealthPlexes.


Aquatic Personal Training

Personal training is all about you and what you need to achieve your personal goals. Whether your priority is weight loss, hard-core training or injury rehab, our team of certified personal trainers is there to help you.

Private & Semiprivate Swim Lessons

Whether for an adult or child, private swim lessons are geared toward the individual's personal swimming needs. Let our certified Water Safety Instructors (WSI) help you learn to swim and be comfortable in the water. Competitive swimmers can benefit from private lessons, too.

Cost for Private Swim Lessons (One-on-One)
30-Minute Session: $22 for Members, $30 for Non-Members
10 Pack of 30-Minute Sessions: $185 for Members, $260 for Non-Members

Cost for Semi-Private Swim Lessons (Up to 3 Participants)
30-Minute Session: $28 for Members, $35 for Non-Members
10 Pack of 30-Minute Sessions: $240 for Members, $300 for Non-Members

Group Swim Lessons

Learning to swim is a skill that can be enjoyed for a lifetime. Mercy HealthPlex offers the American Red Cross Learn-To-Swim Program, with a focus on how to be safe in and around the water. Swim lessons are offered for infants (6 months) up to adults.

Mercy HealthPlex offers an outstanding swim lesson program with:
  • Small Class sizes, and low instructor-to-student ratio
  • Certified American Red Cross Water Safety Instructors (WSI) who average 12 years experience
  • Warm-water pool and lap pool

The lesson program has over five different levels, ranging from introducing you or your child to the water to analyzing and perfecting stroke technique.


2 Lessons/Week
Sessions Start June 2, June 23, July 14, August 4

Preschool 2 - Tuesday/Thursday, 5:05-5:35pm
Level 1 - Tuesday/Thursday, 5:35-6:05pm
Level 2 - Tuesday/Thursday, 6:05-6:35pm

Cost per Session:  $55 Members, $80 NonMembers

Group Classes Available

Adult Swim Lessons
Ages: 13 up

Breathing techniques, floating, stroke development, treading water.

Approximate age: 6-24 months

We teach parents how to teach their child how to swim. Introduces the basics of water comfort, fun, water submersion and safety and is taught in the warm water pool. Requires an adult caregiver in the water with each child.

Approximate age: 2-5 years

For children ready to learn swimming skills but not ready to leave their caregiver. Teaches the same skills as Level 1-Preschool but with the fun and safety of being with a parent. Prepares your child for a smooth transition into group lessons. Taught in the warm water pool. Requires an adult caregiver in the water with each child.

Preschool Level 1
Designed for the children 3.5 - 5 who are ready to learn swimming skills in a group setting. The goal of this class will focus on basic water safety and basic swimming skills.

Preschool Level 2
This class is designed for 3.5 – 5 year-old children who have passed Preschool Level 1 or its equivalent skills. This class continues to work on skills of breath control, floating, locomotion, submerging and self help safety skills.

Level 1 Water Exploration
Approximate age: 5 up

This class is designed to help children learn basic swimming skills and water safety. Learned skills include entering and exiting the water independently, breath control, supported floating while learning arm and leg movements of front and back crawl.

Level 2 Primary Skills
Approximate age: 5 up

Students in this class learn to float, move through the water without assistance. Learn front and back crawl and develop self-help safety skills.

Level 3 Stroke Readiness
Approximate age: 5 up

For the stronger swimmer who can swim independently. Refine the stroke for front and back crawl, learn rotary breathing, elementary backstroke, treading water and advanced water safety skills.

Level 4 Stroke Development
Approximate Age: 5 up

Students in this class develop a confidence level in strokes learned so far, and improve endurance. The breaststroke, sidestroke and turns will be taught.

Sea Cubs Jr. Swim Team

Introduce your child to competitive swimming the right way. The Sea Cubs provide the transition from swim lessons to swim team. Each child will learn competitive strokes, safe diving and turns. With a small swimmer to coach ration, it is the perfect way to prepare for the Sea Wolves Swim Team**. Ages 6-12 years.

**The Sea Wolves Swim Team is based at the Anderson and Fairfield HealthPlexes.

Prenatal Water Aerobics

Aquatic prenatal exercise is the ideal program for the mom-to-be. Have fun socializing with other expectant moms while preparing your newborn for the stress of labor and delivery. As an added bonus, prenatal exercise programs have been proven to decrease labor time and will help you get back to your pre-pregnancy weight quicker after the birth of your child. Contact Rachel Margeson at 389-5399 or  for more information.

Wednesdays, 7pm - 7:45pm

Cost per Month: FREE for Members, $8 per Class for NonMembers (purchase in packages of 4, 8 or 12 classes)

Special Events


Brush up on your kayak rolling skills or just enjoy kayaking indoors during the long winter months. This is an open session for members and nonmembers. You can drop in or sign up for an 8-week session. Contact Henry Dorfman at 513-594-1439 (you must dial the area code) or by email at for more information.

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