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Mind & Body

Queen City HealthPlex

Mind & Body

Jessica Leonard, Fitness Supervisor
513-389-5465 or


Pilates Reformer Group Classes

Change the Shape You're In with Pilates Reformer
The Pilates Reformer machine uses resistance and assistance at the same time. Reformer allows you to work in several planes of motion with a full range at each joint. This type of training can change the shape of your body because you work every range of motion of every muscle group while maintaining core control.


FREE DEMOS - Give Pilates Reformer a Try! 
Free demos are scheduled before each new session or contact Jessica at 513-389-5465 or to request a demo. 

Space is limited to 6 participants.  Reserve your spot at the Service Desk or call 389-5600.

Personalized Training on the Pilates Reformer
Since the Pilates Reformer is like nothing you've done in the gym, you may be looking for some personalized training with the Reformer. One-on-one session are the fastest way to identify and target your health and fitness goals. Our instructors will help you with goal assessment, program design and active progressions to help you reach your goal safely and effectively.

Single session: $70
Package of 8 sessions: $464

30-Minute Pilates Reformer Stretch
Start to feel your body in a completely new way when you regain your flexibility. This 30-minute, stretch session is one-on-one, delivered by our trainer Pilates Reformer professionals. No worries here, most of the work is done by your trainer so you can relax and enjoy the experience. The entire session is done exclusively in our Pilates Reformer studio on the Cadillac/Trapeze table.

Single Session: $30
Package of five sessions: $140

Tai Chi

Nicknamed "meditation in motion," Tai Chi teaches a combination of graceful and flowing movements that offer a gentle and safe physical exercise program. Tai Chi reduces stress and increases energy and flexibility. Individuals with arthritis and those recovering from injury may also find Tai Chi especially helpful. A minimum of 6 people must be enrolled.

Day: Mondays, 10:00 - 11:00am or 6:00 - 7:00pm
Cost per 6-Week Session: $48 Members, $60 NonMembers

Queen City HealthPlex
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Cincinnati, OH 45238

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