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Weight Management

Queen City HealthPlex

Weight Management

Jessica Leonard, Fitness Supervisor
513-389-5465 or

This is Your Chance to Change Your Life!
The Mercy HealthPlex offers the understanding, guidance and expert help you need to make lifestyle modifications necessary for permanent weight management. You can do it!

Choose the Weight Loss Program That’s Right for You.
Whether you are more comfortable in a group setting or need one-on-one attention, the Mercy HealthPlex has a program for you. Each 8 week program encourages you to move more while adopting healthy habits. You’ll lose the weight and learn how to keep it off.



Small Group Programs (3-6 Participants)

Group Training
Challenge yourself and challenge each other. Get more personalized attention in a social setting with this small group training class. The trainer uses the strength of the group to optimize your individual weight loss success. Start your own group or let us match you with an existing group.

Individualized Programs (1-2 Participants)

Partner Training
Exercising with a buddy helps you stick to a fi tness program. Bring a friend with similar goals and we’ll design a program that works for you both. If you need a partner, we can find one for you.

Individual Training
Nothing is more personalized than one-on-one training. With full attention focused on you, your trainer can develop a program specific to your needs and weight loss goals.

Queen City HealthPlex
3131 Queen City Avenue
Cincinnati, OH 45238

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