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Free My Health Assessment Screenings

Free My Health Assessment Screenings (formerly called Health Risk Assessment or HRA) for All Mercy Health Employees and for Spouses (who are covered under the Mercy Health Medical Plan)

Thank you for taking part in the free My Health Assessment screening offered to all Mercy Health employees (and your covered spouse). You are eligible for a free health screening at any of the locations provided below, if:

  •     You are an employee of Mercy Health; or

  •     You are a covered spouse under Mercy Health’s Medical Plan

You will receive an individual, personalized report that will help you be more informed about your health, including any area for which you might be at high risk.

Please note a few important points:

In order to complete the online My Health Assessment, you will need to have your Employer ID (if you are a Mercy Health employee) and either your (1) Member ID from your insurance card or (2) your social security number to enroll. If you are a spouse covered under the Mercy Health medical plan, please provide both your Member ID from your insurance card and your social security number. 

Participants must complete both the My Health Assessment blood draw and online questionnaire in 2013 in order to be eligible for any incentive in 2014.

Participants will receive instructions at the screening for
        -completing the online My Health Assessment questionnaire, and
        -viewing their personalized report.

*Screening results will be available within three weeks after the blood draw.

Please read through these instructions completely before proceeding!

Instructions for Scheduling a Screening Appointment
>Click on the dropdown menu below and select your preferred screening location from the choices provided to schedule your appointment.

    -You will be required to provide your full name, primary work location, Primary Care Physician (PCP) name and an active email address.
    -You will also need to provide an “undo code.” This code will allow you to go online and cancel your appointment at a later date, if necessary.    
     Please record this “undo code” for future reference.

NOTE: Schedule your screenings as soon as possible since we do not plan to have sessions after October 31, 2013.

2013 My Health Assessment Helpful Resources:

My Health Journey Chart - take steps toward better health now to earn medical plan incentives for 2014
My Health Assessment FAQs
Full listing of dates and locations for screenings
Letter that was mailed to all employees of Mercy Health in late April 2013
Helpful Tips Regarding the Blood Draw
Spouse Physician Form