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St. John

1800 Logan Street, Over-the-Rhine, 45202, 513-981-5800

Hours of Operation

Monday – Friday 8:00 a.m. – 4:30 p.m.

Mercy Health - St. John (St. John) is a social service agency that, for 77 years, has been committed to providing emergency and self-sufficiency services to individuals and families in crisis. In collaboration with other organizations, through a committed corps of staff, donors, volunteers, and with strong community support, St. John strengthens our community by investing in people and empowering them to stand on their own. In 2012, more than 30% of our clients lived within the Over-the-Rhine neighborhood, one of the poorest in Cincinnati, where the median family income is $13,488 per year. St. John’s programs continue to evolve to address the growing needs of under-served people in our community.

Our Programs Include:

Safety Net Clinic

St. John’s newest program hired a full-time nurse-practitioner and opened 3 exam rooms in late August. Many St. John clients have been told that they have asthma, diabetes and/or high blood pressure and more than one-fifth do not have a regular source of primary care with a private doctor or health center.  Low-income adults (age 18+) without a medical home are eligible to receive free medical services. In the last four months of 2012, the nurse-practitioner saw 54 patients during appointment hours and saw 120 people during a health fair. Through an arrangement with Schaeper’s Pharmacy, 13 people received $1,001 worth of prescriptions. St. John has formed referral relationships with Cincinnati Health Department Clinics, Crossroad Health Center, Hamilton County Public Health, Neighborhood Health Center, Talbert House and the UC Medical Center.

Social Services

This cornerstone of St. John’s services focuses on stabilizing the lives of individuals and families in crisis situations. The multi-faceted program serves as the central intake point for initial assessment and emergency assistance with rent/mortgage/utilities, food, clothing and personal care or household items. In 2012:
  • 10,243 individuals (duplicated) and members of their household received help
  • 281 unique households received emergency assistance for rent, deposit, and/or utilities
  • 332 unique individuals living in 119 households received financial assistance along with case management services to prevent homelessness
  • 96% of households, who have been exited for at least 12 months, have not entered a shelter

Temporary Housing Program

This program provides clean, safe, temporary housing for two-parent and single-parent families. St. John serves more homeless families than any other shelter.  Family members are eligible to participate in any or all of St. John’s programs. In 2012, 552 homeless individuals (including 390 children) in 126 families received case management, assistance in managing finances, family counseling, childcare referrals, bus tokens, funds for gas and laundry, emergency food and other types of support to help families move out of the shelter and:
  • 95.5% obtained a positive housing outcome when they moved out of the shelter
  • 70.5% of families exited the shelter with income and 47.3% of families exited with increased income

The Bridges Program

The primary program is a 12-week, pre-employment training program for individuals who are economically disadvantaged. Students learn common computer applications and professional correspondence skills that will enhance employability, assist with job searches to obtain a living wage and/or expand employment opportunities. The average participant in the Bridges Program is a 50-year-old, unemployed/underemployed adult without benefits and a financially disadvantaged head-of-household. In 2012:
  • 198 students participated in the primary Bridges Program and 126 participants from 27 zip codes graduated from the program
  • Students contributed more than 2,180 hours in unpaid internships at non-profit and business sites
  • The overall improvement rate in computer knowledge was 139% for the year as gauged with Pre-tests on the first day of classes and Post-tests on the last day

Youth Development Program

The Youth Development Program focuses on teen and pre-teen young men and women. Most program participants reside in the Over-the-Rhine community or other communities where there is a high incidence of crime and violence, drug activity, high school drop-out rates and few social or employment opportunities. Many live in single-parent homes with minimal or no male guidance. We designed the program to provide support and enrichment activities to help young men and young women become responsible adults by teaching positive decision-making skills, conflict resolution and violence prevention. The program also provides field trips and cultural outings as additional opportunities for growth and development. We hold peer-to-peer discussion and support groups weekly. The staff members reach out to young people in schools, recreation centers and juvenile justice centers. In 2012:
  • 206 young men and 206 young women participated in the program
  • In both halves of the academic year, the program has had higher-than-targeted rates of young people who have been able to control their behavior at school and avoid suspension. 
  • In 2012, 88.6% of regularly-attending youth remained suspension-free at school. This is the first year St. John has tracked this statistic

Material Resources

This program component provides food, clothing, personal care and other material items to those in need. In 2012:
  • We assisted 3,401 unique individuals with a three-day supply of emergency food. This represents a slight increase from 2011.
  • In-kind donations to Material Resources totaled $153,354, plus $45,180 in gifts donated through the Circle of Giving Program
  • At lunch time, people receive a sandwich, hot soup (during the cold months), fruit and dessert. St. John’s volunteers and staff provide mid-day meals seven days a week.  During 2012 we served 91,400 sandwiches, 225-275 per week day and 120 per each weekend day. 

Seasonal Programs

  • Fans & Air Conditioners Summer Program – Priority is given to individuals with chronic illnesses and to households with children and elderly residents. This program supplied 12 air conditioners and 182 fans to individuals who provided a medical statement of need. 
  • Circle of Giving Program – In 2012, we distributed gifts to 235 families, helping more than 950 individuals. We also distributed 50 gift baskets to clients who received services between Thanksgiving and New Year’s Eve. 
  • The Coats For Kids Drive – This program, sponsored by Warm 98, collected and distributed 250 coats for children in 2012 – a 38% increase from 2011.
  • Summer in the City Program – In August 2012, our annual back-to-school fair provided our client families a fun end-of-summer celebration and served 127 families and 362 children with backpacks, notebook paper, ink pens, pencils, erasers, calculators and other school supplies.
  • The Westin Hotel Christmas Dinner – The hotel provided all the food, beverages, and furnishings for the event.  On Christmas Day, the management and staff, plus some of their family members, cook and serve the dinner. In one of our most generous donations each year, we distributed more than 300 tickets to the Christmas dinner and The Westin Hotel also provided gifts for 190 young children.

Volunteer Program

The many programs offered by St. John depend on participation from volunteers. We utilize volunteers for special projects that include the Annual Mardi Gras for Homeless Children, the Summer in the City Back to School event and the Circle of Giving Program (an adopt-a-family program). On a daily basis, volunteers help prepare and distribute lunches at our sandwich window, sort food/clothing donations and assist clients in our Material Resource Department, act as front desk receptionists, do data entry for agency programs, tutor Bridges students and help the organization in a variety of other ways.  In 2012, 2,070 volunteers donated 26,868 hours of their time and talents.


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Give well. Join our mission to help the poor and underserved be well.

Join our mission to help the poor and underserved be well.
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