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Stories From the Heart

It was hard to ignore her balding head.

Her head, however, wasn’t the most noticeable thing about her. The chemotherapy Martha was receiving was not just attacking the cancer in her body, but also her spirit. Her depression and desperation were obvious as she waited for her appointment with a social worker.

Things hadn’t always been this way. Before her diagnosis, Martha prided herself in being a hard worker, living comfortably on her full-time salary. She was even able to tuck away some money for an emergency, but her diagnosis of stage three cancer quickly changed all that. She had to take unpaid days off work for treatments, she fell behind on rent payments, and her savings quickly depleted.

Your donation to the Choice Pantry will help people in need with emergency food, supplemental food and personal care items. Meeting these basic needs lets them concentrate on other pressing issues – like Martha’s battle against cancer.

We’re all tightening our belts a bit these days. But for some of us, it means that after the bills, there’s no money left for groceries or other essential household items. And here at Mercy Health – St. Raphael, we’ve seen a remarkable increase in the number of people with these needs. Nearly 2,000 more Butler County residents are receiving food and nutrition assistance than were at this time last year. It’s no wonder our shelves are growing bare and we are in desperate need to increase our supplies.

Martha can tell you – the food she handpicked from the Choice Pantry wasn’t fancy or gourmet, but it was exactly what she needed. To her, that night’s dinner tasted like the finest fare from a five-star restaurant.
Please consider a generous donation for the Mercy Health – St. Raphael Choice Pantry. Your gift will go a long way in providing the very basics to those in need.

No matter what size your gift, you can help give someone hope for a better life. Thank you.


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